Gwendolyn Brooks is arguably one of the greatest American poets with works spanning the 20th and the 21st century. As Poet Laureate of Illinois, Gwendolyn Brooks consistently kept inner city, Black Chicagoans at the center of her heart and her work. Through Brooks’ lens Black people are both literally and metaphorically, beautiful, inspiring and unique in spite of socio-economic status and the uneven playing field, which they have been given. Her distinct style and purposeful mastery of words on the page leave a legacy of substantial note for the generations after her. BROOKS PEOPLE explores the life, legacy, and the impact of Gwendolyn Brooks on the next generation of writers and the community at large. 
     2017 marks 100 years since of the birth of Gwendolyn Brooks. Many will celebrate her life and her work. My goal as a filmmaker is to gain a closer understanding of who Brooks was as a person, and to understand how her lived experiences influenced her art. I'll also explore how Brooks' work and presence has influenced other artists. Through this documentary, I'd like to continue conversations on self-esteem, education, socio-economic status, the impact of the arts, and violence in Chicago. Interviews, commentary, lines from Brooks' work and the work of other writers will be woven with Chicago footage to create a rich visual tapestry.


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