It takes a village to make a film!

Donations will be applied towards the production of the feature film currently titled, "Cool: On Gwendolyn Brooks".

I was speaking with a good intentioned woman the other day and she said, "You're making a film? You must have a lot of money". I smiled at her and explained that I do not have much money. However, what I lack financially I make up in sheer heart, passion and perseverance. I surrender to my projects and allow them to drive and motivate me. I go to sleep with my projects on my mind and dream about them. I wake up and jump on the computer and cultivate them the way a farmer does crops and a parent does with their children. By faith, I give my babies every resource that I have so that they can raise their heads and proudly take their place in the world. That's why my films get done and do well, but the reality is that I cannot do it alone.

We are currently reconciling bills on the short film and in production on the feature length documentary on Gwendolyn Brooks, currently titled. "Cool: On Gwendolyn Brooks" Every dollar that is spent comes directly from my pocket. I truly believe in the African Proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child". I believe the same about film and any project that like a child it is larger than your own life. I am a prideful woman. However, I do what I have to do to birth and nurture my projects. This project is a direct response to a call from my community for better representation of people of color. If you believe in the power of the community, I simply and humbly ask for your support.