Digital Mural

In my mind the best documentaries make a lasting impact beyond the roll of the final credits. As our commitment to writers and poets we have created a digital mural. This photo archive contains links to blogs, recorded readings and interviews by writers and poets of all genre who have been impacted by the life, the legacy, and the works of Gwendolyn Brooks.

     This trans-media project is inspired by the humanitarian spirit of Gwendolyn Brooks, who believed in honoring artists and consistently created space and opportunities for them whenever possible.

     This digital mural or talking wall is an extension of the Brooks People documentary and profiles twelve writers from various genre. We endeavor to expand the digital mural and to continue to profile writers who have given themselves fully to their craft.

     It is my hope that this wall will inspire you to support them in their endeavors as individual writers and artists. I look forward to providing as many artists as possible the visibility that they deserve.